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Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture

Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture

Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture    Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture
Lifetime Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look. We have a proven track record over the years. We have 1000s of satisfied customers all over the world. Orders are processed around the clock every day for best service! Lifetime's 8-foot wide Outdoor Storage Sheds are the best solution to your storage needs. This shed offers plenty of space for gardening tools, bikes, lawn mowers, and more. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy a shed that looks stylish and clean in your yard. Built with durable, dual-wall high-density polyethylene, our sheds are steel-reinforced and low-maintenance. This ensures that your shed will easily maintain its look and convenience over the years.

With various features including shatter proof windows, skylights, custom shelving, and much more, a Lifetime Shed is the perfect addition to your backyard. Slip-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floor Protects Against Oil, Solvents, and Stains. Heavy-Duty Steel Trusses Provide Additional Roof Strength.

Dual-Wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction. Customizable Shelving and Storage System. UV Protected to Prevent Weather Damage. High-Pitched Roof Allows for Quick Drainage of Rain and Snow. Lockable Steel-Reinforced Doors for Added Security. Maximum Roof Load: 23 Pound per Square Foot.

Storage Capacity: 620.6 cu. Floor and installation hardware included.

This shed has delivered on several fronts: It assembled as promised with well fabricated pieces. Have had it up for about one month now and it just passed the leak test as it endured, with flying colors, recent heavy rains without so much as a drop!

It's best for two persons to assemble. I'm quite happy with its capacity and the pitched roof helps with this.

The only painting I did was for the framed foundation we built. I bought this about a month ago and it came on a lift gate truck, would have arrived by Semi had I not mentioned I lived on a Cul De Sac so make sure you let them know when it is delivered if a Semi truck will be an issue. It was fairly easy to assemble with qualified help once you have figured out the labeling.

The shed seems durable and waterproof, I was amazed at how much it holds. It also looks neat and clean and does not distract from my backyard. I would recommend this shed to anyone that is in need of extra storage that has a fairly secure and safe area to place it.

Had to replace the latches on the door of my shed and the agent was wonderful and professional. Love the shed was gat but because of a winter with lots of snow, I forgot to pull.

The snow down (I live in Ontario canada) the roof caved. Lifetime was great and replaced the roof and threw in the extra snow load kit. Slightly complicated to build but took less than 1 day.

Have to build a base first. Good value for the price. Reviews from others helped a lot.

A flat surface is absolutely essential. It's important to follow the instructions when it states not tighten the roof gable all the way until all the roof members are in place.

Took two of us a day and a half (including building the platform) to assemble. We've had two heavy rains, and it has not leaked. The instruction manual could be improved, especially the section about the doors. Just make sure you build a level base, something I don't seem capable of doing!

The more level the base the easier it is to assemble. This shed replaced a similar sized aluminum-sided shed that was in terrible condition. The construction of the deck to build the shed on took longer than the assembly of the shed itself.

Assembly instructions were clear, and the only really difficult part was getting the corner walls attached. It took myself and my father about 6 hours to fully assemble, and the shed has remained water-tight and sturdy through several winter storms. We are very pleased with the way it turned out.

I bought this shed about a month ago and put it up the same weekend that it arrived. Assembly was pretty straightforward and the directions were surprisingly well thought through so make sure you read them first and it helps alot to spend 20 minutes watching customer assembly videos on YouTube.

There's enough small items that will save you a ton of time if you prepare yourself for them. Technically, I'd say you could build this with one person but there would be lots of cursing so having another set of eyes and hands are extremely helpful. The only issue we had is a pretty big one. It's with leveling the doors, which is the very last step. We had a very level floor but somewhere along the way the shed became slightly askew and the doors wouldn't line up nicely.

In order to resolve, and as directed, we needed to prop up one door's bushing. This worked but also lifted the shed's resin flooring from the platform, which would lead to bigger problems down the road.

In the end, we chose to jack up one corner of the flooring to compensate so the flooring could remain tight. A pleasant surprise was that the shed came with a long shelf that also doubles as a stabilizer, and also some super handy tool hooks.

Great product, clear instruction for installation. Looks good, takes a little work to put together but it is a really nice shed. Installation took about 12 hours with a few of those hours needing a second or third person. Lifetime Products 8' x 12.5.

Storage looks really good and it is very steady as well. I haven't assembled it yet, but in laying it out I realized the original site was too small. I'm now working on the new site. The instructions were simple enough and it took 2 people about 4 hours to assemble. It seems sturdy enough for what I needed and the only thing I would have done differently when setting up would have been the foundation.

Make sure if its a wood foundation to make sure there is a 2x4 under each edge of the plywood so it doesnt bend when you step on it. The packaging was well done and all the parts were easy to figure out. A little difficult to assemble but love the videos that show how to assemble. Love the shed size is perfect.

Its very important the base be level and solid whether wood or concrete, we paid 300.00 to have a pro off thumbtack to put it together, it took him a full day but turned out great! My hasband, friend, and FIL assembled. It took them 2 days but its huge! You could live in there. I bought last months its great!!! We were very happy with the size when completed as it will accommodate our storage needs. We would have preferred two windows instead of one however the opaque roof panels should let in sufficient light. All in all, a great experience! The shed came in 2 boxes that are very heavy. The directions are not that good but youtube has great videos on assembly. Make sure you read at the end of the instructions on how to adjust the doors. It takes with 2 people about 6 hrs of assembly of the whole shed. Time consuming but eAsy to install. It's an great item. This is a very great item I'm so happy I bought it it's actually does the job right it's very roomy lot of space and totally recommend it for anyone to get this item. Attractive, well made and a good value.

Easy to assemble and great quality. It's kind of easy to install, it took two half days for me and my wife to install it (on a concrete base). I was impressed with with how well organized the parts and instructions were.

It could have been really challenging. I was also well pleased with the construction. As I was putting it together I kept thinking this is quality and Im very happy with it. Size if great to store all type of things! Not to large as the 15 Feet yet larger than the 10 feet.

Need 2 ppl to build. Easy to put together, directions were good, except in a couple places.

We didnt put down any base (other than rock) big mistake!! Only two of us put it together and it went well. Some hooks to hang tools from. Just remember you need to build a base - wood not included. Took my wife and I about 7-8 hours to complete, not easy but not that hard either.

Turned out we did not need the part as we found it in another box as we continued to assemble the shed, why one of the braces would be separated is beyond me, so if this happens to you open ALL the boxes containing parts. All in all, this is a really nice looking and sturdy shed. Also make sure the shed is on level ground, I had to shim one end of the shed about 1/2 inch to get the front doors to line up, it looked level to the eye on a concrete pad, but the pad was slopped, shimming early on would have made the roof assemble easier too.

Instructions are a little hard to decipher at times. Company could do better with the instructions.

I bought this unit about a month ago, got lots of complements from friends and family easy to install and clean. The shed was easy to put together, easier with two people for some steps.

Easy to assemble, I like it so much, it took us half day (2 person). Nice addition to our property. High Quality and Excellent Instructions. I usually design my own projects and construct out of high quality materials.

However, time and cost drove me to take a chance on this shed. I was completely and pleasantly surprised.

The resin parts are very solid, the steel reinforcements were exceptional, and the instructions were extremely complete and easy to follow. In Colorado, we often get 60-70 mph winds, so I hope the specs live up to the 65 mph promise! I have been looking at sheds a while Found this one. The shed arrived on time and intact.

I initially tried to follow the instructions to put up the shed by myself. After a few hours, I knew that I needed help so I hired a handyman crew. They took about 8 hours to build the shed and had experience building it. The shed is sturdy, looks good, and is very sturdy. Thanks Lifetime for a great product.

But would have really liked a heads-up on the dimensions and type of platform/base so that could have been better planned and executed prior to receiving the shed. It would be better if the parts were label and actual label on each part. Probably the best assembly instructions I've ever run accross. Everything was labelled well, instruction guide was easy to understand, and best of all there were no missing, bent or broken parts!

Plan for a full day, as there are lots of screws and a lot of referring to the guide. When I was finished with a roof panel and every screw was in the walls we very stable and completely straight. Bought this for my son, and constructed while he was gone on vacation. Directions are simple although it does take at least two people.

Product is water tite and sturdy. If there is a negative it is the necessity for the extra 4 inches of flooring. I have access to a planer and milled a 1x6 to specs rather than expense a complete sheet of flooring. Easy to put together, the wife and I knocked it out in about 5hrs. I put the roof rafters and doors together a few days prior, that took about an hour and a half. Definitely a two person job, because some sections need to be held or pressed on while a second person drives the screws through. Great product, once I got a good level base in place was easy to follow step by step instructions. And don't skip any steps. This is second shed from lifetime that I bought easy assemble very good looking.

Extremely happy with the size, value, and ease of set up. Prepping and leveling the ground and foundation, took longer than setting up the shed. The directions were easy to follow, and I was able to build the shed in about 10 hours with a little help from my neighbor.

The parts fit well and seem to be sturdy. I did have some difficulty with the hinge rod fitting in the door. I decided to carefully drill the hole a bit bigger, and it worked perfectly. The directions and the ease of assembling this shed were surprisingly clear and straight forward.

The packaging of each section made it easy to pre assemble and then put up. It seems to be very well made and we are thrilled to have this extra space for storage. Seems like a good product.

I wife and I put this together only complaint are the directions are not good. I have several of the smaller ones but this is just the best!! It still has the skylights but the side window is great! Holds all our gardening tools!

It took two old guys two days of pre fab and construction with many breaks. The corners were the hardest part we got the trick on the 4th one naturally. Everything other than that went great. Watch the videos on the web site and YouTube. Follow the directions in order.

The only one that we goofed on is start the roof in the front. So we had to change and do a redo. Bought this shed a month ago and must say-great investment! Hardest part was preparing the ground and base for the shed.

All quality parts were in the box and the shed went up perfectly. Shed looks even better than I thought it would. Only suggestion-would defintely have a helper for alot of the work required two people to do. Follow directions step by step(directions very easy to follow) and your shed will turn out fabulous! So happy we picked this shed! We looked at many at other stores and this one was the best price for the size. It was fairly easy for two people to assemble, it is really nice looking and good quality. I bought this last month and finally got it up (hahaha).

Dont let the size fool you. It was very easy to put together.

The steps are divided into sections. The pieces required are bagged and labeled for you to use.

It recommends three people but I did most of it myself with help from one other person. It took me about 12 hours to put it together over the course of two days. There are QR codes to scan for video instructions. The last few sections didnt seem to have them, but you will figure things out if you get stuck. The only thing I didnt know was that I needed to have a foundation even though it came with a floor. There are instructions for setting a concrete or wood base. I hired someone to do the concrete. You can probably do it but if you can swing it and want concrete, hire someone. Make sure you will be home when it is supposed to be delivered. There were was a piece of the roof I had to for a screw into because it didnt line up. I mean if youre relatively handy, its not a setback. It has been raining and no water got in. The window is cool and the floor isnt slippery. You only get one shelf. I thought that was stupid. You get hooks but they cant hold much. I might have to make my own shelves. Also if you just want a plan to get away from people, its big enough to just relax. Im 512 and I can walk in and stand up just fine.

I followed the directions exactly and it turned out fantastic. It will never rot or rust and will never need paint or roofing. I installed this one myself.

I would 100% recommend taking the time to make sure your surface is flat and level. Take your time and follow the instructions. Real easy to put together. Looks great and very functional for our needs.

The shed arrives in two large boxes and was not missing any parts or hardware. Assembly took two of us about 8 hours but could have been faster. If you have a garage or large room, I would highly recommend doing a lot of the assembly indoors, we did the entire thing out in the blazing sun and had we done some of the assembly indoors, the process would have been easier. The shed came out great and we are very pleased.

My only complaint is the instructions are not very well written/illustrated and it took more time than it should have figuring them out. The shed arrived in less than a week. The directions were straight forward and was fairly easy to put together.

Everything fit together well and is perfect for tractor and other yard tools and equipment. Perfect size for what I needed. Read the instructions carefully, me and wife put it up in two short days pretty easily. 2 of the roof panels were noticeably darker in color.

From instructions, materials, fix and functions all is great. Assembly was easy with well written instructions. Only issue, some of the parts were packed in different groupings, so you had to search a little harder. I built this myself and had no issues but having a couple more hands would have made it even easier.

Took 2 plus days to install inclung 2x6 floor. Lined up good until the roof went on. Doors were 1 plus inches apart vertically.

Instructions were easy to follow. I was able to assemble the shed in about 10 hours with a little help from my neighbor.

The instructions were easy to follow, and the shed parts fit tightly together. I did have some trouble with one door hinge fitting in the door. I called Lifetime and their representatives were very helpful. They offered to send me a new door free of charge. However, I decided to carefully drill the door hole a little wider, and it worked perfectly.

Im very happy with my new shed! Was at my house in four days.

Took me one day to level ground and build wood platform for shed to sit on. The next day I started to put together.

I completed assembly in one day by myself, very easy to assemble just follow directions that were easy to follow. Still amazed that everything fit together perfectly and no parts were missing!

Would definitely recommend this product. Great Storage Shed with lots of room! We just put it up about a week ago.

My husband put it together by himself! It says it's a 3 man job, but my hubby is pretty handy and he was able to do with my assistance only on a few occasions. It took him 3 days to complete. Took him a day to make a slab (wood) to put the shed on. I had very little information to provide to your representative all I had was the parts list - no model number, etc.

She was very patient and helpful and found the part I needed! We are very happy with this storage building.

I can't believe how much we can store in it. We put 6 steel racks 5 shelves high and can organize everything.

Great deal, level & plumb is key on install. I have assembled 2 similar plastic sheds before and this one was fairly easy. When it says to make sure surface is level believe it!!

If not level and deck plumb it makes it tough to put together. After perfectly leveling my surface it went together like a breeze. Corners are tough to get snapped into floor, but orherwise easy to assemble. This is the best shed I bought.

Strong and easy to put it up. Never go wrong with sturdy plastic. I have 3 shed on my property and very happy with the heavy duty lifetime resin shed. We ordered this storage shed unit and received it very quickly, had no issues building, and are very satisfied. The instructions were user friendly and allowed two relatively inexperienced'builders' to construct in 8 hours.

The unit exceeded expectations on all accounts! Bigger then I thought, which is good. Not install yet, still work on the base. Great shed for the price.

It took about 6 hours total. I bought this a year ago and it is still great.

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  • Brand: Lifetime
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Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture    Lifetime 60305 Rustic 8 x 12 1/2 Outdoor Storage Shed Garden Wood Look Texture